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Utilize the immense power of Creator Beings to clear energy fields and support your authentic soul choices.

Who are Creator Beings?

The spirit Creators and Overseers of this universe and humanity.

REMOVING energies that are NOT you
RETRIEVING energies that ARE you



Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Everything and everyone is energy, and all energies have a unique frequency:
colors, sounds, memories, emotions, beliefs, WiFi, you, your mother...

Our natural, authentic frequency, is one of health, wealth, happiness and creativity. Expansion & curiosity. Aligned with our highest intelligence. High vibration.

Foreign energies enter our personal energy field typically to feed or derive satisfaction from negative energy (negative thoughts and emotions, drama, trauma, over-reactions, guilt, disempowerment etc).
False beliefs like "I'm not good enough, not loveable, damaged" can develop and anchor in our sub-conscious, creating additional similar negative experiences and further strengthening the false belief.
This cycle can continue for lifetimes.

Trauma, shock, guilt and external interferences can cause or result in damage and displacement to our authentic energy field. We can contract, run and hide from ourselves to avoid pain, literally losing pieces of ourselves, our soul essence.   


James offers his unique abilities and resources of pure love to:
REMOVE energies that are not you
RETRIEVE energies that are you, and
ALIGN all of you with your highest creator intelligence.

The result is not only being free of the negative energies being experienced, but in you becoming a more complete, calm, authentic, empowered, high vibrational being - merged and aligned with your highest source consciousness.

James will work privately and confidentially with you by video (preferred) or voice call of approximately 45-55 minutes.

In most cases, only 1 session is required to remove / retrieve the energies that are addressed during the session.

 Changes are immediate and obvious to you. 

All sessions are completely safe and protected.

It is recommended that you remain relaxed or preferably lie down after the session to allow your body to gently recalibrate, most of the energies being addressed have been there/been missing for years or lifetimes.


Emotional energy, foreign frequencies, entities, programmed/false beleifs

Past wounding/traumas, false (sub-conscious) beliefs and other people's energy cause limiting behaviours,


Sub-conscious beliefs control the conscious

Foreign energies enter our personal energy field in numerous ways including trauma, attachments, environment, external interferences, etc. These increase 


Is a part of you missing? 
Do you somehow feel incomplete?

Healing/purifying Reintegration


Increased energy, overwhelm

Foreign energies or entities do not belong in you


Born under the Christian banner, James always had an awareness of 'greater powers' but didn't discover his interest and skills in the 'invisible and esoteric' until age 15 during a course based on the Hermetic principals of the microcosm of the macrocosm,  "As Above, So Below"
After completing a Bachelor of Health Science James began working literally with broken physical hearts at numerous medical facilities in Melbourne, Australia.  This allowed him to incorporate and witness first hand the benefits of  his extra curricula studies in Hypnotherapy, Psychophysical Therapy and Mesmerism in his healing practice.

At 27 James realized his desire to heal others was the mirror for his own need to heal from suppressed childhood trauma. An emotionally painful, reactive and life threatening five years ensued. 

The turning point came in Bali, aged 34, when he was unexpectedly yet indubitably re-connected to his highest soul self and shown the agreements for his life lessons, experiences and growth.

This awakening reignited his search for tangible, permanent and accelerated emotional healing, and the skills to live an empowered life rather than a reactive one. 

During last 15 years James has undergone extensive and intensive spiritual trainings around the world; the once 'invisible and esoteric' is now visible and familiar.

James accesses  Pure Source Energy (Spirit, God Consciousness, Yahweh) as a Partner and Master of it - offering accelerated healing, freedom and empowerment to all.


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